Carp hatchery – 130m3

Freshwater prawn hatchery – 180m3

Earthen fish ponds (MC-I-11 Nos./1ha)

Earthen fish ponds (MC-II-7Nos./1ha)

Freshwater prawn farm (31Nos./0.5ha)

Reservoir – 2.7 ha

Glass hose aquarium

Shrimp Raceway system

Shore Laboratory

The Shore Laboratory (area 0.4 ha) located at the Fishing Harbour complex in the North Beach road, Thoothukudi houses two departments such as Fish Processing Technology and Fishing Technology and Fisheries Engineering. This campus has a Canning laboratory (245 sq.m.), Ice cum freezing plant (250 sq.m), Fishing Technology Block (250 sq.m.), Biochemistry block (250 sq.m.), Fishing Technology Block (250 sq.m.), Biochemistry Block (250 sq.m.) and three Class Rooms (144 sq.m.).

Maritech Research Center, Tharuvaikulam

This centre is located at Tharuvaikulam fishing village which is about 25kms away from the main campus. This was started during 2005 with an objective focusing mainly on mariculture of shrimps, crabs, lobsters, ornamental fishes and other fin fishes. Infrastructure facilities such as fish culture ponds, shrimp hatchery, raceway system etc., are available here for teaching, research and extension activities.


The library of this institute is well equipped with books, CD ROMs and journals. It also has an educational video hall where cassettes on fisheries technologies and resources are screened for the benefit of students and participants of training programmes. This Library is an exclusive referral centre which caters to the needs of fisheries students, college teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs of Tamil Nadu.


  1. Area of the building                   -               515 sq.m.
  2. Stack Room (Books)                   -              1560 sft.
  3. Stack Room (Back volumes)   -              1560 sft.
  4. Periodicals section                     -              750 sft.
  5. Computer room                           -             265 sft.
  6. Conference room                        -             466 sft.
  7. Educational Video Hall            -              745 sft.
  8. Theses section                             -              185 sft.

Books / Reports

  • Books                                                                                   -           13662
  • Back volumes                                                                   -           3238
  • Reports, Manuals and other free publications   -           1681

Journals, Newsletters, etc.

  • Journals (Hard copy)                          -           55 (39 Indian + 16 Foreign)
  • Journals (on-line)                                 -           106
  • CD-ROM                                                     -           100
  • Educational Video Cassettes            -           66
  • Magazines                                                 -           5
  • Newspapers                                             -           7

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